April/May 2020

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  • Dream Big: Tall Order, in team with United Legwear & Apparel Co.,looks to transform the men’s sock market.
  • Some Good News: Prasad Reddy, CEO of Twisted X, on the company’s ongoing evolution to be as sustainably run and socially responsible as possible and how it’s helping fuel double-digit growth.
  • The Big Time Out: Over the past 17 years, my wife and I have had to administer just one little time out to our ...
  • Win-Win: Andy Polk, FDRA’s senior vice president and sustainability expert, on how companies can lessen their global footprint while increasing their bottom line.
  • Trend Spotting: May 2020: Haute Hikers, To Heel with it!
  • Mod About Green: Granola style gets a makeover as designers up the sustainability chic factor.
  • Nature Walk: From sporty to laidback, sustainable styles are suitable for the park, trail and concrete jungles.
  • Eco Trend Spotting: May 2020: Eco Trend Spotting: Tread Lightly, Good & Plenty

March 2020

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  • Leisure Class: Indoor/Outdoor slippers that go seamlessly from the couch to the café.
  • The 21st Annual Plus Award Winners: Recognizing outstanding achievement in design and retail. The 2020 Plus Award Winners.
  • Murse Alert: Men trade briefcases and backpacks for clutches and crossbodies at London Fashion Week.
  • True Grit: Rob Moehring, chairman of Washington Shoe Company, makers of Chooka, Western Chief, Staheekum and CH2O, has overcome numerous hurdles over the course of 40-plus years, revealing a relentless can-do spirit and a refusal to quit.
  • Winning Formulas: “Winning isn’t everything, but losing sucks.”

February 2020

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  • Jungle Boogie: Leopards, tigers, zebras, oh my! Designers answer the call of the wild this fall.
  • Do Something!: As major concerns, challenges and a general air of contrariness rankle retailers and vendors seemingly into a standoff, how can the industry come together to overcome them? How can we collectively do something to all do better?
  • Soles in Seoul: Goth punk overtakes K-pop glam on the streets of South Korea’s capital.
  • Trend Spotting: February 2020: Slither In, Slick Picks, Men at WOrk, Got the Blues, Cozy Kicks, Power Preppy, Forestry Cool, Last Dance, Mine Craft, Tie One On...
  • The Biza Blueprint: Led by veteran independent retailers Dave and Danny Astobiza and sourcing expert Brian Jensen, the new comfort brand hits on key product, production and distribution touchstones that make it unique among wholesale launches.
  • Made in the Suede: Sorry Elvis, but it’s “brown, brown, brown” suede shoes this fall.
  • Getting Schooled: Over the past year, I have received intensive lessons in selling, marketing, competitive analysis, yield management, risk assessment, data analytics, financial planning and GPS use—all as part of the college search that has taken my family on a whirlwind tour.
  • Living the Dream: Chris T. Gallagher, CEO of Vionic Group, looks back on his rise from store clerk to leader of one of the world’s fastest-growing comfort brands.

January 2020

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  • Combat Rocks: Camo prints, army hues and chunky marching boots clash powerfully in this military mashup.
  • Chelsea Cool: Chelsea Boots: The go anywhere / go with anything silhouette looks to replace sneakers at the front of men’s closets this fall.
  • Decades Surfing: “Time is a train/Makes the future the past”...
  • Rocking and Rolling: Steve Gunn, CEO of Blundstone, on the 150-year-old brand’s record-setting sales streak and why much greater growth is on the horizon.
  • Redefining Retail: Retailers are reinventing themselves in increasingly creative and thoughtful ways, with an eye on service and social/environmental good.
  • The Boot Apple: New Yorkers bust out a barrage of boot styles to battle Old Man Winter.
  • Trend Spotting: January 2020: Great White Way, Retro Rust, Pathfinders, Powder Puffs, Weather or Not, Crocodile Rocks, Fur Her, Got Boots, Grand Dames, It's a Cinch!, Alpine Allure...

December 2019

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  • Bright Lights, Big City: Pop it Like Pop Rocks, Designers Burst Forth in a Blaze of ’80s Style Glory.
  • Aloha State: How the Island Slipper Classic leather sandal became a cult item, smashing price barriers and dress codes along the way. Just don’t call them flip-flops!
  • Tokyo ’Tude: Gritty, chunky-soled silhouettes get the stomp of approval.
  • Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: It’s December, time to reflect on and assess the past 12 months before making plans, projections and resolutions for the year ahead.
  • Great Adventure: The shoe odyssey of industry veteran Tsering Namgyal includes a queen, marvelous mentors and exciting retail and wholesale adventures.
  • Pillow Talk: The lofty tale of how the iconic boot gave birth to the Cougar brand and became a defining symbol of Canadian fashion along the way.
  • Charting a Course: Nancy Richardson, CEO of San Antonio Shoemakers (a.k.a. SAS), on steering the comfort company into the modern era while retaining its timeless values.

October/November 2019

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  • Weekend Getaway: Easy like espadrilles… the definitive summer staple is dressed up and down in breezy flats, smart wedges and sporty sneaker hybrids.
  • Plying One’s Trade: Full disclosure: I never even knew what a trade magazine was growing up, let alone dreamed I’d work at various ones for nearly 30 years.
  • What’s Selling: Sensible Shoe Rutland, VT: Sensible Shoe in Rutland, VT, has stood the test of time—112 years and counting—by adhering to old-school retail basics, starting with top-notch customer service.
  • Golden in Colorado: Celebrating 50 years, Richard Polk, founder of Pedestrian Shops, has set the gold standard for the comfort specialty format, spanning selection, service, location and community outreach.
  • Bold & Beautiful: Celebrating its 50th anniversary, MICAM exhibitors showcased a plethora of vivid trends and engaging initiatives to keep the shoe universe buzzing.
  • On the Wedge: When a little lift is all you need.
  • Summer Cool: Espadrilles: a preppy (enough) boat shoe alternative for men.
  • English Beat: What’s black and white and seen all over? The leading shoe trends coming out of London Fashion Week.

September 2019

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  • Moon Shot Mission: On the heels of meteoric growth and expansion, David Kahan, CEO of Birkenstock Americas, delves into why the brand has only just left the launch pad.
  • Trendspotting: September 2019: Mules Rule, Leisure Class, Slides Rule...
  • copenhagen chic: Danes go to great lengths to showcase their shoe game during the capital city‘s fashion week. 
  • Hello Yellow: From striking sunshine to sweet pastel, the warm hue radiates joyful style.
  • The DTC Debate Heats Up: With retailers and brands competing more than ever for sales, is there a way to share the wealth—or even peacefully coexist?
  • Breaking Bad: Streaks usually come to an end at some point.
  • Sole Man: Industry vet turned philanthropic entrepreneur Wayne Elsey on how his latest book about the power of hope and unity was inspired, in large part, by the kindness of shoepeople.

August 2019

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  • Toe-tally!: These little piggies went oui, oui, oui all the way around Paris.
  • Heat of the Moment: Men show a little skin to beat the Paris heat.
  • Fierce!: Wild cat prints are spot on for Spring.
  • Today’s Catch: Sporty yet dressy, fisherman sandals serve up the ideal summer hybrid.
  • Home Turf: Scott Home, CEO of Fashion Major Brands, distributors of Musse & Cloud and Coolway, throws a little chin music.
  • Minimum Wage Matters: As minimum wages rise steadily across the country, and government debates a national standard of $15/hour, how are retailers adapting?
  • Eye of the Entrepreneur: Robert Schwartz, CEO of Eneslow Shoes & Orthotics, reveals the secrets to retail survival.
  • In Good Hands: Kevin Mancuso, CEO of White Mountain Footwear, on how zigging and zagging has been the 40-year-old company’s key to success.

July 2019

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  • Green is Good: Colleen Vien, sustainability director for Timberland, on how the brand continues to push the eco-friendly envelope.
  • Cycle of Life: Isaac Ash, president and CEO of United Legwear & Apparel Company, on the fruits of working hard and giving just as much back in return.
  • Right On!: Dani Zizak, vice president of corporate communications and social responsibility for Wolverine Worldwide, on how the conglomerate is doing right by its employees, customers and Mother Nature.
  • It’s All Good: Is it green and good, or just gobbledygook?
  • Riding the Sustainability Swell: Eco-conscious consumers are here to stay, and brands are hustling to beat their expectations on their feet—and in their hearts.
  • Sunday Best: New Yorkers getting to the church on time—in style. Reverend Yeezy, a.k.a. Kanye West, approves!
  • Good Fellas: Eco-hip kicks that lighten the carbon footprint.
  • The Queen of Green: Sustainable designs that will reign next spring—good for the planet and good looking.

June 2019

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  • Don’t Stop Believin’: Renowned sneaker designer, D’Wayne Edwards, founder of Pensole Footwear Design Academy, reflects on his dream job and passing the opportunity on to others.
  • Balance of Power: Dave Quel, president of Ecco USA, on how the Danish brand’s natural motion umbrella has secured a position of diversity, stability and growth amid great industry turmoil.
  • No Surrender: Against all odds and all comers, Mark Jubelirer, president of Reyers Shoes, on why he will never retreat.
  • The Change Constant: Change is relentless and inevitable, as 18 million of us who watched the final episode of The Big Bang Theory were reminded recently.
  • Goodwill Hunting: Two Ten Footwear Cares volunteering initiative is gathering momentum: more participants, a broader scope of events year-round and, best of all, greater good achieved.
  • Western Stars: Glam, gritty and pretty—the new cowgirl couture.
  • Trend Spotting: June 2019: Gray Area, Purple Reign.