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Spring Pickin’s

June 3, 2010

Experts predict the top trends of early 2011.

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Flash Back: 20 Years of Fashion, Fame and Footwear Plus

April 27, 2010

Flash Back
Click Here to View 20 Years of Fashion, Fame and Footwear Plus!

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2009 Plus Awards Winners

March 3, 2010

What business strategies and designs constituted home runs in a year when consumers were extra stingy with their dollars? Our 2009 Plus Award recipients detail their grand slams of the past year.

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Members Only

February 1, 2010

Call it genius, call it a mind game—‘exclusive’ online luxury discounters are striking while the demand for bargain shopping is hotter than ever.

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Northern Exposure

January 12, 2010

Canada’s Browns Shoe shops cover it all—from $30-vulcanized kicks to $600-plus designer stilettos.

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Kemp’s Shoe Salon & Boutique

December 1, 2009

One woman’s, Dotti Kemp’s, dream bears a classic mix of fashion and hospitality like early icons had originally envisioned.

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Here to Serve

October 21, 2009

Dardano’s of Denver parlays its roots in shoe repair into a proven 70-year formula for sit-and-fit service.

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