With the "Mad Men" season five premiere creeping closer (only three days!), everything retro, authentic and '60s is in. And footwear brand Hush Puppies--known for its laidback loafers and casual-cool oxfords--is cashing in on the craze.

Hush Puppies will be featured in a special throwback double issue of "Newsweek" dedicated to the return of AMC's huge hit this Sunday. Because of Hush Puppies' authentic, retro style that grew wildly popular during the 1960s, the brand was invited to create a unique advertisement that captures the look and feel of the era. Playing off an original ad from 1962, the special Hush Puppies advertisement features both men's and women's footwear from the current "1958 Collection." 

To go along with the "Newsweek" issue, www.DailyBeast.com is hosting an online contest in which social media fans of both "Newsweek" and "The Daily Beast" can vote on their favorite retro ad in the issue. When voting closes after two weeks, the winning ad will be featured in a follow-up issue of "Newsweek" and on "The Daily Beast" homepage. 

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