We are not making this up. Just when you think you've seen and heard it all, Shoe Dating comes along, a service by Malaysian store Shoes Shoes Shoes that matches footwear fiends with solemates willing to pay for their purchase in exchange for a date. 

Men who have signed up with dating site Lunch Actually (see what they did there?) pick out what shoes they would like to see their potential date wearing (thereby pleasing the foot fetish community) and how much of the sale price they are willing to pay, and the lucky lady who buys that pair receives a discount of 10 percent or more after the first date. 

So what's worse: That someone is willing to go on a date with a random guy just to get a discount on her shoes or that he agrees to pay for a pair in the hopes that he'll get somewhere. Call it desperation. Call it prositution. But online dating has offically taken a turn for the creepier.

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